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kubik is dedicated to helping businesses tell their brand stories in the most compelling and effective ways possible. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, engage with customers, or build your brand, kubik has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Explore our free e-book resources below to learn more about industry trends and insights on how to create engaging and memorable experiences.

How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps

kubik’s Head of Creative Services and Strategy, Adriano Almeida and Creative Director, Chris Tang, recently attended the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and had the chance to experience the good, bad, and ugly parts of the brand activation process. We’ve highlighted some of the best brand activations from the show in our recent blog post. Now we’re analyzing some potential pitfalls you could encounter when planning brand experiences in our free e-book.


Download our free resource, ‘How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps’ to learn more about what makes or breaks a brand experience.

Re-Creating Corporate Spaces as Experiential Platforms

Corporate interiors, executive briefing centers, branded product showrooms, visitor centers, and more are becoming places to tell your brand story and engage with your desired audience. These spaces also provide long-term audience engagement, increased employee retention, strengthened brand relationships, and increased sales through word of mouth and positive encounters. Investing in your corporate space as an experiential platform is an effective way to position your brand.

Download our free resource to learn how corporate spaces like corporate interiors, showrooms, and executive briefing centers can become branded environments to help tell your story.

Re-Imagining Retail as Experiential Brand Marketing

Unique and innovative retail environment designs can be more than just commercial shopping centers. In today’s modern age, people can purchase what they want with a click of a button, so shopping is no longer the sole purpose of a retail environment. People go out to these retail spaces for an experience where they can mingle and engage with arts, culture, and the community.

By creating a space for leisure, entertainment, culture, and community, consumers will have the opportunity to linger and socialize, creating an experience where they can engage with a brand on their terms. Retail spaces can become platforms to tell your brand story and allow audiences to experience your brand in a new way.

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