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What is a Brand Activation?

Brand activation events are campaigns that engage attendees and encourage them to interact with the brand. The aim of this type of experiential brand activation is to create a memorable experience for attendees that aligns with the brand’s goals and messaging. Brand activation activities give you access to a new audience, generate positive brand exposure, and build brand equity through meaningful and impactful experiences. Brands can not only create a lasting impression on consumers but also generate valuable data and insights that can be used to inform future marketing efforts. This type of project is utilized frequently in the automotive, retail, consumer electronics and tech, aviation, healthcare, finance, and fashion industries, among others.

How kubik Approaches the Brand Activation Process

As an omni-channel experiential marketing company, kubik understands what makes an activation successful. We’ll align your objectives, goals, values, and messaging with the brand activation marketing strategy and ensure effective execution of brand activation events. Our projects are always creative and innovative to ensure they are memorable for your audience.

Strategic, Creative Planning

Defining Goals & Planning Execution

Fabrication & Technological Integrations

Venue Selection and Permitting

Staffing, Talent & Hospitality

Regional or Global Deployment

Learn more about our process and services on our methodology page.


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