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Adriano Video – What’s Next

Some future thinking from our Head of Creative Services and Strategies, Adriano Almeida, about approaches to our changing marketplace in post Covid-19 environments.

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Adriano Video – What’s Near

Adriano Almeida, our Head of Creative Services and Strategies, shares what the coming weeks and months might look like and how your brand can effectively, and safely, start to connect to your audiences.

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Adriano Video – What’s Now

Our Head of Creative Services and Strategy shares ideas about how kubik can provide solutions when you are ready to open in the upcoming days and the future of face-to-face marketing.

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Adriano Video #1

Adriano Almeida, Head of Creative Services and Strategies at kubik, shares ideas and insights for what staying connected to our audience will look like. Whether you are working now, planning for tomorrow and preparing for the future, kubik is continuing to tell your stories with the experiences, events, and technologies that will be part of […]

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Staying Connected – White Paper

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to what re-entry looks like for our clients and brands in general. Challenges aside, connecting people is more important than ever. Download our report for strategies to get reconnected to your clients now, and in the days to come.

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Staying Connected – Exhibit Fly Through

Thinking about re-entry? Fly-through our kubik mock-exhibit for ideas on how to safely and effectively re-engage.

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