Event Gamification Examples for Engaging Interactive Experiences

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Gamification is a great way to create an engaging experience or event that draws people in and gets them interacting with your brand. Gamification is when you incorporate the competitive nature of games to real-life applications. Games act on the reward center of the brain and release dopamine when you win or reach a goal, and this rush of dopamine causes us to seek out this experience again and again.

Many big-name brands like Pepsi, Gucci, Starbucks, and Subway are taking unique approaches to the idea of gamification. By incorporating gamification and competitive, interactive aspects into your events, people will be naturally drawn to compete for the rewards. Gamification can be done in many ways, and it does not require much additional effort or increase budgets significantly to wow a crowd with a gamification or gift prize aspect.

These events organized by kubik are some great examples of effective gamification:

  1. ISOPURE, Idea World Activation, San Diego, California, USA

ISOPURE, an industry-leading athletic drink company, celebrated their 20th anniversary with an interactive, experiential trade show booth design that incorporated a competitive game. A life-sized Lite Brite style wall was created using the ISOPURE bottles as light pegs that flashed when activated through physical engagement. Peleton bikes were used to see who could power the ISOPURE bottle wall the fastest in a head-to-head challenge.


  1. LEGO House®, Billund, Denmark

LEGO House is all about fun and games! The experiential center is filled with LEGO bricks and offers visitors the opportunity to play with LEGO throughout the different zones. Many games were incorporated into the project to encourage visitors to play and compete together.



  1. International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C., USA

The International Spy Museum was created to host the foremost collection of spy artifacts in the world. Visitors experience the tricks of the trade in espionage through seventeen different digital and physical interactives. These interactives were gamified so that users could experience what it is like to be a spy through challenges that required them to crack codes and uncover hidden dead drop sites.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, INFINITI’s vintage arcade game called Fast Forward, pays tribute to the halcyon days of arcade gaming in the 1980s. kubik assisted in the creation of 3 retro arcade cabinets featuring a custom driving game created by their agency. This classic gaming experience allowed people to drive INFINITI cars on a multi-stage racecourse, with each leg of the race being dedicated to a different INFINITI vehicle era.

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