Exhibit design for Amsterdam Motor Show unveiled

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During a special exhibitors meeting the new exhibit design for the Amsterdam Motor Show “AutoRAI 2011” was unveiled. It featured a fully operational exhibit developed especially for the occasion to illustrate the modular stand concept for the next edition of Holland’s largest and most exciting automotive event.

Good Turnout

The exhibitor meeting and live presentation for the exhibit concept took place on May 6th 2010. The next day, AutoRAI exhibitors had the opportunity to view the model exhibit and discuss the concept with the AutoRAI team. This special pilot project was designed and produced by kubik, in commission of Amsterdam RAI and in close cooperation with Opel/GM Nederland. Both days saw plenty of interest from exhibitors, including importers and other participants such as the GoMotor (motorbike fair) exhibitors. Over 200 interested Dutch and international parties visited the RAI over the two days.

Modular Exhibit Construction Concept

Amsterdam RAI and kubik have developed a generic modular exhibit construction concept for AutoRAI 2011 in close cooperation with the Dutch automotive industry. The principle behind the concept was to make the exhibition accessible to all potential participants. The cost efficient concept offers companies the opportunity to exhibit at reasonable costs while also giving maximum exposure to their brand identity.

Exhibitors at AutoRAI 2011 can choose between two types of exhibit construction. The foundation for the modular exhibit construction concept is a so-called Casco stand, which consists of basic elements such as floors, rigging and lighting. The joint purchase of these elements offers considerable cost savings. In addition to this Casco scheme, exhibitors can use their own stand or benefit from the Blocks concept that has been specifically developed for AutoRAI 2011 and developed for this pilot. The concept consists of various ‘building blocks’ that can be used for a wide range of exhibit elements such as walls, counters, platforms and furniture. Further decoration of the exhibit consist of promotion items from the importer/exhibitor or items from a special additional menu such as revolving platforms, LCD screens and LED walls produced and supplied by Amsterdam RAI.

Focus on Individuality and Brand Identity

The overall concept generates space for a wide degree of variation, allowing each brand to profile its own identity via its house style, premieres and images. A good example is the exhibit presented by Opel Nederland. “Visitors to automotive events expect brand exhibits that represent brand experiences,” says Freddy De Mulder, General Director of Opel Nederland. “In consultation with the exhibitors, Amsterdam RAI has succeeded in realizing a cost efficient exhibit concept that meets these expectations. We believe that this guarantees an exciting and successful AutoRAI 2011, which will attract a large number of car enthusiasts.”

Directly after the exhibitor meeting, Opel introduced its relations and other interested parties to the exhibit that the company will be using at AutoRAI 2011. It also used the event as a platform for the Dutch introduction of the new Opel Meriva.

Joost ‘t Hooft, Exhibition Manager AutoRAI: “We are very proud of our cooperation with Opel and pleased with the interest shown by the exhibitors in our exhibit concept. We have full confidence in the achievement of a successful AutoRAI 2011.”

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