Focus on the Gallery: Human History Hall, Royal Alberta Museum

kubik was fundamental in the creation of 5 of the 7 galleries in the new Royal Alberta Museum. Each gallery holds unique notable features and required its own specialized approach.

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The Human History Hall tells the story of the Alberta’s unique, resourceful, and resilient people, from the earliest humans to Albertans of today. kubik participated in the creation of the 6 galleries in the hall as lead fabricator and installer. Galleries include:

Ancestral Lands, explores how indigenous people maintain strong connections with significant laces and stories of their past.

Worlds Meet, encounters personal stories and perspectives of the cultural and economic exchanges between Indigenous people and European newcomers.

After the Buffalo, experiences the dramatic near-extinction of the buffalo by 1880. Alberta Forms, steps inside stories from the 1880s through to Alberta becoming a province.

Alberta Transforms, enters into post-1945 Alberta and witness a province in transition.

What Makes Us Strong, Alberta’s various Indigenous communities share knowledge and values, passing them down through generations.

kubik was challenged with the fabrication of the circular World View, mounted a plane from the ceiling and creating the environment for the Teepee and Totem pole in the Ancestral lands gallery.

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