Innovative Approaches to Event Sustainability

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In the realm of event sustainability, innovation plays a key role. Brands need to consider their impact and how a more innovative, sustainable approach to events and trade show design can benefit them. It is essential to make an impact where it counts, rather than falsely waving the green flag of sustainable stewardship. Especially as consumers and eventgoers are becoming more critical when it comes to what is considered sustainable.

Read more for insights on how our team recommends implementing sustainability in your trade show strategy to get the most impact.

Implementing An Impactful, Sustainable Approach

Ideally, brands and organizations should be implementing the most significant changes to make a meaningful impact and avoid greenwashing. Our Head of Creative Services and Strategy, Adriano Almeida, outlined the different opportunities for sustainability in the trade show industry in his article on LinkedIn. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Good Impact – Material Choices:

Optimize material use by selecting durable, recyclable options and responsibly managing plant life and excess materials to avoid landfill waste. Don’t just replace plastic and other materials with live plants and paperboard materials to demonstrate your sustainable approach. Consider the footprint this leaves behind and focus instead on showcasing what sustainable processes and practices may have been implemented.

  • Better Impact – Reducing Waste & Energy:

Execute effective waste management strategies, choose eco-friendly packaging and promotional materials, and collaborate with venues for energy conservation and waste reduction. For a more significant impact, reduce and reuse materials and components to ensure a longer lifespan.

  • Best Impact – Transportation & Travel:

Minimize event logistics by reducing on-site materials and personnel, sourcing locally, advocating for sustainable travel, using compact design for properties, and partnering with logistics companies investing in green transportation solutions.



Elevating Your Trade Show Strategy With kubik

As a seasoned experiential marketing company, kubik has worked with global brands to create innovative, yet elegant trade show booth designs and experiential events. Our custom trade show fabrication and event production services are solution-oriented while engaging attendees and leaving a memorable mark on them. We can create unique trade show strategies to meet your goals while taking into consideration a sustainable approach.

Check out stories for more innovative trade show and experiential events and other projects kubik has helped bring to life.

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