kubik helps promote fair trade

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During the first Dutch Max Havelaar Fairtrade Week the Dutch company, Brand New Day, an agency for communication concepts, had organized a promotion tour for Fair Trade Original, the organization that founded fair trade in 1959.

With the whole world following the example of Fair Trade Original, kubik was asked to come up with an original way of promoting fair trade food in the Netherlands.

Working in conjunction with Brand New Day, kubik produced a giant Fare Trade rice pack that could be placed on a trailer behind a rickshaw. The Rickshaw travelled through different cities in the Netherlands to promote Fair Trade Week and was used during the official opening ceremony of Dutch Max Havelaar Fairtrade Week.

“The rickshaw and the enormous Fair Trade rice pack made sure that we were seen at the locations. It definitely made a big impact on the crowd. It provided us with the finishing public relations-twist that we needed to give a boost to the brand of Fair Trade Original.” said Donja de Gier, Project Manager at Brand New Day.

“It was not easy to find a nice rickshaw and a way to produce a giant rice pack,” said Casper Wulfers, Project Manager at kubik. “And although this is one of kubik‘s smaller projects it is tremendously rewarding to see how big the result is.”

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