kubik Named Best Agency for Creativity and Key Differentiators

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The kubik team takes great pride in being named the top agency for Creativity and Key Differentiators by EXHIBITOR magazine in their 2021 Find It Top 40. Agencies considered for this award were evaluated by industry experts on the following attributes:

  • The value derived by their clients.
  • The uniqueness of their positioning strategy.
  • A critical review of recent past projects for engagement intent and appeal.
  • The ability to stand out from their competitors.

The Creativity and Key Differentiators award recognizes the greatest diversity in capabilities, award-winning design and overall excellence. Established in 1983, kubik specializes in creating physical and digital omni-channel experiences that help build human connections and excitement.

We immerse ourselves in every brand we work with, infusing nearly four decades of experience into every step of the process. From pre to post, and everything in-between, kubik is an indispensable partner that makes experiential platforms come to life.

We are grateful to be singled out among the many agencies who were considered for this award. Our global kubik team works tirelessly on behalf of our clients, and we take great pride in helping them shine and connect with their audiences… and that’s what it’s all about!

A Few Experiential Projects That Strut Our Stuff

Some of the eye-popping experiences we have created for our clients. Take a look here!


A Little Bit About kubik

At kubik, we create brand experiences.

From ideation to industry research, project management, engineering and fabrication, logistics planning, content creation and software development, data capture, analytics, and IT support, kubik provides all the strategic development, planning, creative, building and execution capabilities our clients need to make omni-channel experiential marketing come alive.

We are a strategic partner for some of the world’s best-known brands and support them in their endeavours to create face-to-face and online customer experiences of all types.

With highly skilled teams across North America, Europe, and Asia, kubik can help create your next experiential platform!

Learn more about us here.

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