kubik Storyteller Series: Carlos Sucre

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Get to know our team and their stories with the ongoing kubik Storyteller Series. We’re sitting down with team members to get to know them a little better and give them a chance to tell their own stories. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights on other members of our team. This week, we interviewed Carlos Sucre for the Storyteller Series. Keep reading to learn more about them and their role at kubik.


Carlos Sucre | Marketing & Communications Specialist

Carlos is long-time employee who has been with kubik as a Marketing & Communications Specialist for 7 years. Carlos’ role has evolved over time to focus on all our internal marketing. He considers himself the ‘brand police’ at kubik and makes sure our logo and branding are represented correctly. He works with everyone on the team to ensure our proposals, branding, content, and all other digital marketing aspects are in order. This is what Carlos had to say when asked about his prior experience, his role at kubik, and his growth.


What educational and professional experience did you have prior to joining kubik?

Carlos: I’m from Venezuela, so I went to school there for business before switching to the graphic design program which was a short 3-year program. I was always artistic and enjoyed drawing. I think I got this from my father who wanted to be an architect but did not have the chance to follow his dream. He would sit down everyday on weekends and draw housing designs, so I would join him. My grandfather was also artistic and did woodworking and I was allowed to use some of his woodworking tools. He was in business for work, but he got into painting at 50 years old and painted consistently throughout his later life. So, I think I was drawn to the arts because of these experiences. While I was finishing my program, I had the opportunity to work with one of my teachers who had a small branding boutique from products and corporate branding. I did some freelancing after that and then moved to working at a promotional agency, where I was introduced into the marketing world. After that, I got a job with a branding agency as a graphic designer developing corporate and product brands for Venezuelan and Colombian top companies in the pharmaceutical, food, fine prints, packaging, education supplies and office furniture industries. I travelled often to Colombia to train marketing teams and help them implement their new brands.

Then my family and I moved to Montreal, Canada 12 years ago where I had to learn French over a couple of years. I also enjoyed learning the culture, especially arts and expanding my photography skills. I liked getting to know the culture through art and entered a challenge for photography and I won it.

Later on, in my job search process, I found one with a branding agency that worked with transportation companies like Bombardier. After moving to Mississauga, I looked for a new job, I decided to look for a role at a company that would allow me to work internally, instead of an agency. I wanted a change of pace and to experience something new. I used LinkedIn to make connections and I believe I was one of the first kubik hires to come from LinkedIn. I worked in graphic design and assisted the sales and account team to create proposals. I wanted to do something different that was more creative and slowly switched to my current role that I grew into.


How has your career grown since starting at kubik?

Carlos: I had to learn how to apply marketing skills to graphic design. Working on the proposals allowed me to understand each aspect of the company better and learn about the industry more. I further developed my ability to collaborate with team members and grew personally and professional in my role.


What is your favorite thing about working at kubik?

Carlos: Everyone on the team is very supportive and friendly and the work environment was comfortable which allowed me to grow. This is the company I have spent most of my work life in and I think this is due to the overall culture at kubik and the amazing team.


What has been your favourite project to work on while at kubik?

Carlos: I worked on a project over the last 3 years with opportunities to evolve the company’s branding, which I really enjoyed.

I am also very involved in museum projects and long-term projects, and I did all the proposals for them. Working on different museums proposals and getting to learn about different ideas from these museums was very meaningful and interesting. I enjoy the variety in the work we do at kubik and I love getting a chance to work on and learn about so many different projects.


What inspires you to be creative in what you do?

Carlos: I like to get a piece of paper and put on some jazz or blues music to write and doodle to. I also like to walk outside in nature for inspiration. Things pop-up when you are exploring outside, and I like the calmness of it. I enjoy taking photographs and looking through a camera lens for a new perspective that inspires me.

Thanks to Carlos for sharing their story and taking time to let us learn more about them. We appreciate everything they bring to the kubik team, and we can’t wait to see what they will do next. If you’re looking to join the kubik team, visit our Careers page for opportunities or visit our website to see some of the amazing stories our team has helped bring to life.

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