kubik’s new concept at Amsterdam Motor Show

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Amsterdam, April 16 2015 – After a four year absence, the Amsterdam Motor Show “AutoRAI 2015” returns with a complete selection of almost every available car brand in The Netherlands from Audi to Volvo and Aston Martin to Zenos. From 17th till 26th April, the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre is the place to be for everyone who wants to experience a complete overview of the latest models, concept cars and classic icons. kubik designed and developed a highly cost efficient booth concept for all the participating car brands and will execute this concept on a turnkey base for all participating car brands.

Level playing field for all car models on display

In order to accommodate the wish of the Dutch car importers to present their latest models with an all-in concept for the upcoming edition of the Amsterdam Motor Show, kubik developed a new stand concept for these participants. This new profile for the show is based on a level playing field, were all brands have the same facilities and branding possibilities for their presentations. For every car brand, kubik made a tailor-made design based on their corporate identity and visual branding. In this way, maximum exposure for all parties involved is guaranteed while at the same time a very cost-effective participation is realized. To make the show floor layout attractive for the visitors, kubik decided to move the traditional large back walls of the car exhibits into the main aisles. In this way a modern “Gallery” setting is created that functions as a red carpet route through the seven major exhibition halls of the RAI Complex.

Design and Lifestyle theme

The Gallery concept fits with the overall campaign theme of the AutoRAI: “Discover your drive”: visitors are invited to discover their favourite cars by exploring the Gallery and meander from booth to booth. Along the main route several theme presentations are on display that represent the connections between automotive design and consumer lifestyles. The theme will also be expressed in a dedicated “discover your drive” AutoRAI app that guides you through your lifestyle and design preferences in order to select the perfect car for you. The outcome of this social media application also helps you to determine your personalized routing for the AutoRAI 2015.

Classic Cars, Motor Engine Battles and Super Cars

Apart from all the latest models, several special events are created to underlines the AutoRAI’s position as biggest automotive event in The Netherlands. A complete exhibition hall is dedicated to iconic cars from 1900 till 1990, including historic racing cars. The best motor mechanics will enter the boxing ring to show their skills in battle to construct a running motor engine fast as possible. For the true petrol heads, unique dream cars are on display in the Supercar Paddock. Here again, kubik is responsible for the delivery of these presentations.

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