LEGO® House sets a new standard for interactive visitor experiences

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With the opening of LEGO House in Billund, Denmark a unique 12,000 square metre creative universe was revealed for LEGO® fans all over the world. The LEGO House, designed by the architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingelse Group), is made of 21 huge white bricks stacked onto each other. The heart of the LEGO House are the experience zones: four fully interactive play areas, a gallery with LEGO® creations and a large exhibition about the history of LEGO®.

In order to produce all interactive experiences and interior objects, LEGO® selected kubik as main contractor responsible for design development and overall project management. For this prestigious project, kubik teamed-up with three Dutch companies: Bruns (interactive exhibits and interior elements), Mansveld (AV and IT implementation) and Kiss the Frog (interactive media and creative technology). All parties have an impressive track record in their field and have worked together before in different configurations for other international museum projects.

Based on the designs from LEGO®, these four experts presented to LEGO® a holistic, turnkey approach to develop and deliver the Experience Zones and Galleries in the most efficient way. In close co-operation with the LEGO Experience Designers, extensive sessions were organized by kubik to fine-tune the designs, select samples, develop proto-types and organize testing sessions. In the engineering phase, all objects were specified according to the LEGO golden ratio based on the dimensions of the LEGO® brick on a scale of 1 : 18,75.

Latest AV and IT equipment were incorporated in the furniture elements and tailor-made software applications developed. Extensive shop-approvals were scheduled to meet LEGO®’s high standards on colour authenticity, durability and of course childhood safety.

Before the actual installation, a complete integration sign-off setting was created to test all key interactive elements in an operational environment with families providing direct feedback to fine-tune final production. This turned-out to be a very valuable process, since the five months installation process was completed in a very smooth way. Based on a detailed installation schedule, each zone was installed.

The LEGO House zones are based on four different colours, each symbolising a special aspect of play and learning. Red is for creative skills, Blue is for cognitive skills, Green is for social skills and Yellow is for emotional skills. In each zone, unique interactive exhibits were constructed helping children to develop these skills in a playful way

The so-called Map and Capture stations can be found in every zone: based on a personalized wristband, every visitor can take a picture and collect their LEGO® builds, memories and movies during their visit in a digital way. With a dedicated LEGO House application, these digital souvenirs can be re-lived when returning home.

With the opening of LEGO House on September 29th, a very intensive but pleasant co-operation period ended. Each partner was tested to live-up to LEGO®’s theme: only the best is good enough. In a true team effort with LEGO® all companies indeed gave their best and were able to fulfil these requirements to deliver a truly unique visitor experience.

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