Mitsubishi Forklifts plays the game

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The art of Andy Warhol was the inspiration that put high-energy into a concept for Mitsubishi forklifts, and won for kubik the assignment to create a new show presence for one of the world’s leading forklift brands. kubik worked hard to gain an understanding of the challenges the client faces in the German market and convert the insights into a creative 3D space.

The result is that Mitsubishi Forklifts will attend the May 2008 CEMAT show in Hannover with a 27×27 meter exhibit that will “lift” their presence in the German market. Mitsubishi’s goal is to expand its distribution network for their new line up of forklifts, from pallet wagons to heavyweight counterbalance trucks, and they want to show that they are ready to compete for business.

To showcase the client’s competitive spirit, kubik has recommended a real “down-to-earth” game. The game features true-to-scale remote control model forklifts and sets two drivers/clients in competition to load/unload a mini-warehouse in the fastest time.

The kubik fabrication team is currently producing the first units of this exhibit based on the approved technical designs and renderings and will proceed with the graphic production in the next few weeks.

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