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As hockey fans flocked to Rotterdam to take in the World Championship of Hockey, main sponsor Rabobank was waiting for them with a custom designed lounge and terrace that could accommodate 400 people.

“Rabobank is proud to be the main sponsor of the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB), it’s a sponsorship we’ve led for over ten years,” said Paul van den Berg, Sponsoring, Rabobank. “The World Hockey Championships in Rotterdam provided a special preview of the Olympic Games and a great opportunity for Rabobank to showcase our sponsorships with our investors, clients and colleagues.”

In order to fully enhance their Hospitality Lounge, Rabobank turned to kubik to design, produce, install and eventually dismantle a temporary lounge and terrace. The space had to be formal enough so Rabobank could conduct business yet also offer less formal space to watch the games, spend time networking and enjoying the World Hockey Championship.

kubik designed a 600 square-meter indoor space that was more formal and an 80 square-meter outdoor terrace that provided a more relaxing environment.

To tie in Rabobank’s Hospitality Lounge, kubik developed a complementary graphics program promoting Rabobank and the World Hockey Championships. The final space could host up to 400 people and included formal space for media interviews with coaches and players.

“The Rabobank sponsorship program was a fun challenge for kubik. We needed to design and install a hospitality centre where Rabobank could invite all their stakeholders, yet also make it welcoming for families and athletes,” said Willem Frederiks, Commercial Director at kubik.

“The wonderful thing about sports is it’s one of the few things that can bring together bankers, businesses, families and athletes,” said Paul van den Berg, Sponsoring, Rabobank. “kubik did a masterful job creating a space that made all of these groups feel welcome and reinforcing the image of Rabobank as the bank of hockey.”

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