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“I think when you look at the kubik team, one thing that you really see is the team that is well put together. Every ‘I’ is dotted, every ‘T’ is crossed from design to detailing to construction and production, right through to the care that you get from the account team, you really feel the sense of team and that they have all of their teams as a cohesive unit, and they really have everything put together. So that level of organization, especially at the magnitude of the programs that we work on, really gives you that sense of comfort and you feel comfortable with the team you are working with, and the outcome that you are going to get”.

“If you’ve got a really challenging design, or you’ve got a build, you are looking at the best production people there are. Really, it is you are in great hands, I mean, everything from start to finish, conceptualization, planning, right until the end when they deliver and they are standing there beside you; it’s always in the spirit of team work, it’s always in the sense of pride, they take exceptional pride in their work, and you see it, you see it in the people, you see it in what they do, what they build, how they execute. So what would I say, you are in great hands”.

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