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You know what suprised me about working with kubik? It’s the ease of working with all of the people involved within the company.

I met the kubik folks on the show floor we got to become friends with each other, they did a few small jobs for me them then they became a builder – an exhibit builder.

I’m big on customer service, anyone can build an exhibit, can set up an exhibit but it’s the before and the work that we go through, the conversations we have in advance and the planning part of it and the great service that kubik provides.

The process of working with kubik is actually great. It’s easy, the folks are very responsive to questions and answers, and they are a great team to work with.

Its automatic now – I’ve been working with these guys for so long with the Maryland office and the Toronto office, I would definitely recommend kubik’s services for installation, dismantling and building exhibits. They’re very easy to work with very customer focused, a real friendly organization.

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