Building the ‘Home of the Brick’

LEGO House® in Billund Denmark

Project Managing and Iconic Build

A unique 12,000 m2 creative universe built of 21 huge white bricks stacked onto each other. Four fully interactive play areas, a gallery with LEGO® creations and a large exhibition about the history of LEGO® are at the heart of the LEGO house.

kubik acted as main contractor responsible for design development and overall project management. kubik teamed-up with partners in interactive exhibits and interior elements, AV and IT implementation, and interactive media and creative technology to complete this prestigious project keeping all partners on-track throughout.

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Sessions were organized and carefully sequenced to fine-tune the designs, select samples, developprototypes and testing. Each zone was installed based on a detailed schedule ensuring a smooth process.

Testing of interactive elements took place in an operational environment with test group families providing valuable data to fine-tune details prior to installations.

The coordinated efforts of the team ensured adherence to LEGO®’s high standards on color authenticity, durability and safety

Good Design Award

Frame Award
Best use of digital technology

THEA Awards
Outstanding AchievementBrand Center

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