Freestanding Finances

TD Bank, TD Union Station Kiosk

Complex Retail Kiosk for Financial Institution

This unconventional kiosk is designed to literally stop commuters in-their-tracks at Canada’s largest and most heavily trafficked rail hub. An entirely self-supporting fully functional bank branch, kubik’s design engineering and fabrication, in collaboration with talented partners, brought retail engagement and the brand position of “Ready for you” to life. The kiosk provides a comfortable refuge in an active and congested space, seamlessly intersecting with customers’ daily lives.

kubik was challenged to create a physical environment that could not be attached to any walls, ceilings or floors that would adhere to strict security and access controls necessary for a financial institution, provide seamless operations and workflow with other branches, and preserve the integrity of the immersive brand experience — all within a public venue with a challenging multiple stakeholder environment.

Retail environments need to be more than just a place to shop or browse products. Today’s innovative commercial hubs create connections between commerce, culture, and community to create a more engaging experience that provides value beyond just shopping.

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A digital canopy with changing nature-inspired imagery connecting travelers to the outdoors. The “tree” is designed as a structural skeleton with a vertical “trunk” acting as an enormous ballast for the 5m cantilevered beam supporting the cross-beams holding the screens

Integrated chases distribute wiring throughout the base and back up the “trunk” to the screens.

The kiosks features secure and free access Wi-Fi networks and charging stations and seating to provide a refuge from the hustle of the commuter hub. Financial operations are secured by hydraulic riser workstations embedded in counter.

Finished to integrate with the historic venues overall design and materials, while maintaining a recognizable prominence as TD with aggressive brand identification and color cues.

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