Online National Sales Conference

CDK Global, A music-themed online event with star power, Global

Like many companies, CDK was faced with the challenge of continuing to educate and engage their employees and partners while in-person events were restricted for over 18 months. Using the kubik Connect virtual event platform, CDK has been able to successfully deliver digital content and retain audience engagement in a fully online ecosystem.

Their energetic 2021 National Sales Conference, “LET’S ROCK”, offered an upbeat music-themed event focused on experience, interactivity, and community, and featuring a host of celebrity cameos from Snoop Dog to Paula Abdul! The entire event, from registration to execution, was managed and delivered through kubik Connect, providing attendees with a variety of content from keynotes to product demos, and realizing a high level of audience interactivity and engagement.

As an early adopter of kubik Connect, CDK has executed dozens of online meetings and presentations, reaching 1200+ online attendees from over 300+ different companies in the first 6 months alone. Needing the ability to fully customize and control their events, kubik helped to set up the platform and provide training, while all subsequent events have been managed by CDK directly, allowing the flexibility to respond quickly to rapidly changing business needs. The kubik IT and digital services team provide ongoing technical support to ensure a seamless experience for the organizers and attendees.

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