Bringing a Community to Life

Sifton West 5 Discovery Center, London, Ontario, Canada

Augmented Reality Site Model

The West 5 Discovery Centre is a highly interactive presentation space designed to educate, entertain and introduce visitors to a neighbourhood powered completely by the sun. kubik was challenged with creating the engaging interactives that would immerse potential stakeholders into the envisioned community of the future.

A scale model of the entire West 5 Community helps guests visualize the breadth of the community through an interactive model. The communities 450,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, a dynamic Central Park, 2,000 townhomes, condos, apartments and retirement residences, interconnected walkways, trails and open green spaces are all be brought to life through the generic looking 3-dimensional model. Tablets passed across the monochromatic landscapemodel, reveal each point of interest within the community offering an engagingexperience to discover the one-of-a-kind community.

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The AR interactive experience involved the creation of a scaled model of the entire W5 development as a stripped-down, all white landscape.

A tablet interactive allows visitors to scan the environment through the device’s camera, bringing it to life through the rich content displayed on the screen through four different filters, Nature, Community, Sustainability and Retail. Selecting a filter, the tablets overlays a highly detailed render on top of the white structures.

The visitor can move around in 3D space and move closer for a more detailed experience. The rendered overlays include various ‘hot-spots’ that the visitors can select to reveal additional content and detail.

kubik also created the touch-screen interactives educating guests about the technological advancements featured within the community.

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