Driving a Rental… to Success!

CDK Global
NADA, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA

Having already helped CDK Global promote their re-branding with a strong presence at past National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) events, kubik completely revamped their footprint from a single double-deck design to a trio of sprawling exhibits that spanned a massive portion of the event and served to create individualized brand experiences for various CDK products.

kubik started with a great location. The three individual exhibit spaces right at the front of the hall entrance included a 90’x60’, a 70’x60’ and a 40’x30’ which were combined and treated as one collective space. Walls and hanging structures were angled to face the entrance, exaggerating perspectives, and funneling visitors to the three spaces. A large, illuminated canopy also helped to draw the audience into the middle of the action. But the largest shift in strategy was the use of large amounts of rental structure to expand the company’s footprint without inflating their budget.

Presented under the umbrella of the CDK Global brand, the solution provided individual identity to previously acquired sub-brands, designed to expand the company’s customer experience by offering combined products and services. kubik was able to create custom details and feature elements around the simple rental framework to make the entire display feel anything but standard.

The exhibit design further created an overarching architectural style of LED walls, vertical lightbox towers, horizontal headers and fabric hanging signs. These could be branded with the unique colors and visual style of the sub brand, while maintaining a cohesive and shared physical presence. The similar family of trade show booth architecture visually connected the three spaces while maintaining individual identity.

The display methods for the software demonstrations bucked the trends of previous years, favoring a more casual approach with seating areas. This allowed for technical demos to be combined with customer conversations. The overall design needed to employ digital technologies, be interactive, and tell the story of CDK’s integrated technology solutions in a visually engaging way… and that’s exactly what kubik delivered.

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