Creating a Corporate Identity

DSM, Exhibit Design, Across Europe

Dutch multinational active in the fields of health, science, nutrition and materials, DSM’s activities are grouped into three clusters: Nutrition, Materials and Innovation Center.
kubik has been active across all verticals for the past 15+ years.

kubik was initially asked to develop and launch a new corporate identity that would also uniquely serve the DSM verticals while maintaining a singular identifiable corporate identity. A design language inspired by DSM’s sustainable approach and adherence to the 3’R’s; Reduce, Recycle, Reuse was created.

Modern, modular design and kaleidoscope color palates — along with logo and brand messaging — unite the multi-vertical organization, while providing the unique voice each sub-brand requires. The new corporate identity was integrated into all 3D designs, the DSM render library and VR animations, allowing DSM to maintain a consistent identity across their trade show programs. The brand assets were added to project share platforms allowing to inspiration and inform all design direction through exhibition managers across the organization.

"kubik has been a long-trusted partner for DSM and is appreciated for its professionalism, creativity and company culture. They have a ‘no-challenge-is-too-big’ mentality, which fits the DSM innovation culture."

Aleksandra Bulat, Special Events Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Canada

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