Informing Healthcare

HP, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference & Exhibition is the industry’s largest health information and technology educational program and exhibition center. HP increasingly asked us to take the hospital setting to new levels.


  • Real-world hospital workflow, from check-in through to post-discharge with focus on HP solutions
  • Defined booth “aisle” directs visitors through zones
  • Clear narrative with workflow to one side of the aisle, and 3 pillars on the opposite


  • Larger footprint showcasing more HP solutions
  • Two new meeting rooms with storage areas
  • The hospital-setting on the right side of the booth realizes the “Workplaces Matter” theme
  • Halo signs improve overhead wayfinding
  • “Demo Bars” introduced for product showcase


  • Theater area for presentations and guest speakers
  • Large ground supported curved feature wall for graphic opportunity
  • Hanging signs define the HP space and create a three-tiered communication platform
  • Improved back of house
  • A ‘blue thread’ guides the hospital journey


  • The largest HP booth space at HIMSS to date
  • Improved custom-built double-deck structure
  • Conference capabilities with 3rd meeting room
  • Internally lit ‘halo’ hanging sign to define product zone
  • Population Health featured how HP + partner products improve home healthcare

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