3D Print (Multi-Jet Fusion) Launch

Launching HP 3D Print across two continents
Trade Show Solution for Product Launch, Europe and North America

When HP decided to disrupt the world of rapid prototyping and manufacturing with their new Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer, they targeted industry leaders and events on both sides of the pond. kubik was brought in early in the process, spending time directly with the product team and engineers to experience the next-level technology and plan a coordinated launch strategy.

Teams from the North American and European offices collaborated to deliver the show-stopping product introduction, spanning two industry-leading events. Initially launched at RAPID with a two-exhibit strategy that included a theatrical reveal experience next to a lab environment, the European launch followed a few weeks later at Formnext with a two-storey exhibit. Both experiences allowed hands-on access to the printers, samples and on-site HP engineers. 

For the RAPID launch, kubik exploited the large exhibit footprint by building a multi-tiered theatre directly on the show floor, revealing the new printer in dramatic fashion. Next, visitors could get an up-close look at the printers and technology in a laboratory setting, with HP scientists available to answer questions and discuss new features.



Five years after launching HP 3D print technology on two continents, kubik continues to help the tech giant re-invent the world of manufacturing at Formnext 2021. 

After launching the HP Multi Jet Fusion solution in Europe and across the globe, we’ve continued our strong partnership with the HP Personalization & 3D Print team, recently completing our fifth Formnext show collaboration. Once again, the kubik team was responsible for the delivery of design, production, staffing, catering and logistics to ensure a memorable and innovative experience for visitors to both the HP booth and the HP Lounge, where invited VIP guests were hosted. 

The booth featured a double-deck structure, highlighting HP’s key markets in the 3D Print Industry – healthcare, industrial, automotive and consumer goods.  The fully operational 3D Print factory showcased HP’s end-to-end solutions, providing attendees with an in-depth tour of the printing process from design to finishing. Showcasing hundreds of applications in vignette environments, the experience provided a convincing demonstration of HP Multi Jet Fusion’s ability to manufacture possibilities across industries.

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