A Bright Idea for an Iconic Bottle

Isopure Head-to-Head Challenge

An Inventive Event Interactive

Athletic drink company, Isopure determined through trade show surveys that approximately 40% of Isopure booth attendees were not aware of the brand. kubik was given the challenge of highlighting the brands 20th anniversary, while increasing awareness and customer engagement.

The solution creatively utilized the iconic drink bottles designed into an illuminated neon back wall that captured participants attention while they competed for fitness bragging rights. The athletic challenge, brand artwork and interactive technology, combined with the movement and energy of the visiting athletes — created an experience where, the participants effectively became the activation, drawing in visitors to see the light-up action.

The activation caught thousands of eyes from health and fitness influencers at the Idea World show in San Diego, CA .

An interactive head-to-head stationary bike competition aligned with the competitive nature of Isopure’s customers and used the wall as a large-scale progress meter.

The backwall acted as a life-sized “litebrite” wall using the bottles as light “pegs” that flashed when activated through physical engagement by show attendees.

The experience generated social interactions between guests that translated into more time spent with Isopure experts. The concept was so successful it was repeated at their largest show, Mr. Olympia.

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