Designing Premium Craftsmanship

Mazda, Auto Show

Mazda commissioned a new display from kubik for the 2019 auto-show circuit to create a brand statement illustrating their push toward luxury particularly defined by “hand-made” Japanese luxury versus more “industrial luxury”.

The process of creating Mazda’s new display began a year prior, when members of kubik’s team traveled to Japan to learn about the brand vision. Sketches and three-dimensional models of the architecture were then conceptualized with a goal to ensure the exhibit be portable and modular enough to work across the show circuit, while maintaining the brand integrity.

The design of the various displays and the interactive elements were essential for getting visitors to spend time with the automaker. Everything about the space was a draw, from its dramatic spotlight, cool gray architectural concrete and warm wood panels, to a digital “Takumi Table” that encourages visitors to touch and interact with beautiful crafted Japanese products.

Once the design was approved and engineering finalized, Mazda’s new exhibit was custom built in our state-of-the-art facility providing a complete turn-key solution.

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