A Rolling Showroom

Nissan, Shift Into Gear

Nissan’s ‘SHIFT–into gear’ experience offered attendees the chance to take an extended test drive in their favorite Nissan vehicle and learn more about Nissan’s newest vehicles.

To provide this experience to as many people as possible, kubik and Nissan hit the road with the ‘SHIFT–into gear’ experience, touring five Canadian cities and reaching over 3,000 people.

  • kubik designed and managed many elements of the ‘SHIFT–into gear’ campaign; from inspiration to invitation, site selection to staging and graphics, to giveaways
  • A 26-foot long trailer with glass sides acted as a rolling showcase for the all-new 2009 GT-R
  • A 53-foot second trailer transported Nissan’s equipment, supplies, signage and other essential gear required at each location

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