Maintaining a Brand Across Divisions

Parker Hannifin, Trade Show Programs, Global – USA & Europe

Parker Hannifin is a diversified manufacturer, with multiple business verticals providing solutions for a wide variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 58,000 people in 50 countries. With multiple business verticals and continuing acquisitions, Parker Hannifin is challenged with the complexity of multiple simultaneous events event activations and exhibits running concurrently across various platforms and business units.

kubik adapts to Parker’s continuing evolutions providing a key resource and service to integrate the diverse functions, while consistently maintaining the corporate brand identity across brand activation activities. A custom rental program consisting of properties that are modular and flexible allowing for a wide range of configurations. The program blends their existing properties and has provided Parker with consistent branding for shows large and small.

All properties were designed with flexibility in mind and the finishes and graphics can be altered very easily; allowing Parker to completely change the look and message of their brand to suit the particular industry.

kubik also provided unique solutions to very specific challenges faced by the Parker team. One such challenge is the inclusion in Parker’s product catalogue of a number of very small and non-descript parts. We developed a system that included a feature totem display at the center, surrounded by a series of smaller pedestals and displays.

Our goal was to contextualize the smaller products by using the central large display to focus on a large product that included the surrounding Parker products. These showcase products were often products made by Parker’s own customers. In one example, the central display had images and video of a large front-end loader. The surrounding displays showed how all of the smaller Parker products (from o-rings to hydraulics) fit into the larger machine/assembly.

With 140 Parker registered users to our online portal, kubik can accommodate the demands of property requests and manage shows and brand experience event requirements seamlessly.

"Thanks for all your help, you were a big part in making this show a success!"

Phyllis Shaw, Marketing Communications Manager, Sporlan Division

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