Reimagining the Auto Show

Auto RAI, Amsterdam Motor Show

The organizers of the Amsterdam Motor Show posed kubik a three-part challenge: develop a new concept for the upcoming automotive exhibition, reduce the cost of participation by 80%, and make sure every visitor enjoys an overview of every available make and model.

kubik’s out-of-the-box solution for this auto show combined cost-efficiency with brand consistency, delivering an innovative and inspiring setting.

kubik proposed a completely new exhibition concept:

  • A new profile for the show based on a level playing field for the participating brands
  • Every exhibitor had the same facilities and promotion possibilities for their car displays
  • For every car manufacturer, kubik made a tailor-made design based on their corporate identity and visual branding

This unique concept helped make the Amsterdam Motor Show a success, with more than 290,000 attendees and 95% of exhibitors achieving their goals.

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