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The annual conference organized by SWIFT for the financial industry, SIBOS, hosts hundreds of speakers, conference sessions and provides space for nearly 200 exhibitors and multiple networking events. The conference changes location annually to cater to the multi-national global financial community.

kubik is challenged with complex account and project management to make this once-a-year event an annual success, acting as the central producer and consultant to bring the show to life and managing the complexity of delivering on multi-stakeholder interests & logistics across global time-zones with diverse multi-national clients with the common milestones and install dates. Exhibit management from The Netherlands, Poland, Thailand, Singapore and China requires expertise negotiating cultural and national nuances from client and supplier side.

Collaboratively produced through our global offices and international partners kubik realizes the booths, lounges, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, presentation theaters and innovation labs for 12 different international companies; with exhibits varying in size from 1100 sqm to 60 sqm. In addition, kubik produces the SWIFT exhibits and all SIBOS conference areas including: the registration area, meeting points, special presentation areas, library, convention signing and restaurant.

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