The Aqua Arena

Brunswick at CES
Las Vegas, NV – USA

Brunswick wanted to create an immersive aquatic experience on dry land to showcase their new recreational boats, motors, and navigational capabilities. One of the biggest features had to be their industry-leading technology and sustainable solutions. This included their e-motors and self-docking technology. The kubik team was all aboard to help!

The primary inspiration? Water – The Aqua Arena had a fluidic, organic shape which held many stories and displays within the flowing embrace of this unique custom trade show exhibit.

Brunswick also wanted to cement their reputation as the leader in advanced vehicle technology, specifically in the areas of Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification and Shared Access. CES provided an excellent opportunity to share this story, introduce several new products, present the future vision of the company, and to build partnerships with other corporations in these key areas.

The CES experience showcased the company and its technologies in an environment that was a calm and soothing escape from the fast paced, loud experience of most tradeshows. Guests were transported to a place where they could see, feel and experience the joy of being on the water and how Brunswick products and technologies enhance that experience for everyone that participates in boating.

The brilliant blue oval 60’ x 70’ island booth featured marine-style viewing windows around the entire perimeter. The motor displays were uniquely engineered to appear suspended in air, allowing visitors a near 360-degree view of their sustainable engines.
A platform wrapped around the SeaRay craft, showcasing two V12 Mercury outboards. Meanwhile in an alcove, visitors got to experience the Future Helm Controls, showcasing their self-docking technology, in a wrap-around immersive VR theater.

This innovative trade show exhibit began by imagining the “Aqua Arena” enveloping the entire exhibit experience. Within the blue glowing walls of this flowing environment an entire story was crafted.

Brunswick and kubik have been honored by CES and Exhibitor Magazine for their partnership in creating world class experiential designs and environments at this event.

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