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Tik Tok Brand Activation @ Collision, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Already well known for its dance trends and pre-teen following, the social media giant wanted to spread their wings and show people that TikTok is also the place to track trends on anything you love. From #MovieTok and #SportsTalk to #FoodTok, it’s all on TikTok!

Collision conference is North America’s fastest growing tech event, and it lives at the intersection between technology and culture. What better place for a social media platform to make its mark? kubik created a series of immersive spaces to bring a live TikTok experience to the event and invite people to explore the many facets of the platform and its users.

Guests were encouraged to step into a series of custom-built themed environments to create their own TikTok. From delicious upside-down cakes and cycling races to a 360⁰ photo booth, it quickly became the place to be at Collision.

The series of immersive spaces brought approximately 10,000 visitors to the booth over the course of the 4-day event, with 1,000 of them signing up for more information. The 360˚ photo   booth activation alone drew in about 3,000. TikTok confirms 500+ videos were made each day, with an additional 500 recorded with the onsite TikTok crew. That’s a total of over 2,000 videos during the event.

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