Canadian Museum of Nature

Canada Goose Arctic Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Project Size: 8,000 square feet

Arctic Climate

Transforming people’s understanding of the Arctic, the gallery has four themed zones presenting climate, geography, sustainability and ecosystems; immersing visitors in the Arctic’s diversity and human connections with the land. Each zone features specimens or artifacts, interactive games and activities, videos and infographics. Exhibits range from the deep geological past, when the Arctic was much warmer than today, to the present, where animals and humans are facing the challenges of climate change.

Quick Installation

kubik maltbie worked closely with the Canadian Museum project team to execute the project within a compressed time frame. Fabrication and installation included custom angled walls; artifact cases; exhibits; and graphics.

"Throughout the project, their team sought to find solutions to challenges that would benefit the project with a can-do approach toward the goal of an on-time, successful completion of the project."

- Kevin Schleser, NASCAR Hall of Fame

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