From Purchasing to Experiencing

Best Buy, Retail Roll-Out, Across Canada

In 2017 when Best Buy launched their refreshed brand, repositioning themselves as a technology service provider over a third-party product curator, the environment needed to express a customer-centric service orientation rather than a product display objective. Specialty experience displays were required to engage and invite customer to touch, feel, use and experiencing the products and services on display.

kubik’s ingenious quality and craftsmanship was already in place in Best Buy stores with the Samsung vignettes earlier created and rolled-out across Best Buy stores that showcased the variety of accessories and pairings on offer to integrate into the Samsung ecosystem.

Confident in kubik’s ability to create engaging product displays through the success of the Samsung vignettes; Best Buy asked kubik to create experience areas with the objective of engaging all senses to inspire the understanding of the product values.

  • Re-invention of home appliance, home theatre, and mobile phones & accessories environments
  • kubik experience vignettes are the benchmark for brand displays within Best Buy stores
  • kubik continues to service store rollouts across Canada, designing and developing fixtures including gondolas, cash check-outs, Geek Squad consultation, and customer service areas

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