How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps

Download our free resource, ‘How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps’ to learn more about what makes or breaks a brand experience.

Are you centring your guest’s experience in your brand and sponsorship activations?

kubik’s Head of Creative Services and Strategy, Adriano Almeida and Creative Director, Chris Tang, recently attended the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and had the chance to experience the good, bad, and ugly parts of the brand activation process. We’ve highlighted some of the best brand activations from the show in our recent blog post. Now we’re analyzing some potential pitfalls you could encounter when planning brand experiences in our free e-book.

In this free PDF resource, Adriano highlights the simple formula brands need to keep in mind when developing an activation strategy:

I’ve experienced brand activations that had big presence, big budgets and equally big issues. So, why does one experience succeed while another falls short? I believe the difference is simply down to the quality of the final payoff. It’s the difference between a brand deciding to offer me something that is important to me versus something that is important to them.”

– Adriano Almeida, Head of Creative Services and Strategy at kubik

Looking for Brand Activations Examples that Got it Right?

Explore kubik’s brand activation and sponsorship activation case studies below.

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