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Genesis Auto Show

“I think when you look at the kubik team, one thing that you really see is the team that is well put together. Every ‘I’ is dotted, every ‘T’ is crossed from design to detailing to construction and production, right through to the care that you get from the account team, you really feel the sense of team and that they have all of their teams as a cohesive unit, and they really have everything put together. So that level of organization, especially at the magnitude of the programs that we work on, really gives you that sense of comfort and you feel comfortable with the team you are working with, and the outcome that you are going to get”.

“If you’ve got a really challenging design, or you’ve got a build, you are looking at the best production people there are. Really, it is you are in great hands, I mean, everything from start to finish, conceptualization, planning, right until the end when they deliver and they are standing there beside you; it’s always in the spirit of team work, it’s always in the sense of pride, they take exceptional pride in their work, and you see it, you see it in the people, you see it in what they do, what they build, how they execute. So what would I say, you are in great hands”.

Honeywell Aerospace

You know what suprised me about working with kubik? It’s the ease of working with all of the people involved within the company.

I met the kubik folks on the show floor we got to become friends with each other, they did a few small jobs for me them then they became a builder – an exhibit builder.

I’m big on customer service, anyone can build an exhibit, can set up an exhibit but it’s the before and the work that we go through, the conversations we have in advance and the planning part of it and the great service that kubik provides.

The process of working with kubik is actually great. It’s easy, the folks are very responsive to questions and answers, and they are a great team to work with.

Its automatic now – I’ve been working with these guys for so long with the Maryland office and the Toronto office, I would definitely recommend kubik’s services for installation, dismantling and building exhibits. They’re very easy to work with very customer focused, a real friendly organization.

Honeywell Aerospace – NBAA

“I want to thank you and your team in making NBAA one of our best shows ever. Honeywell results (our show survey’s) are in and we crushed it due to the new exhibit design, strong graphic content, and the introduction of new technology i.e. 3D printers, virtual reality, product areas that kubik helped us create.”


“Thank you to the kubik team for our amazing and beautiful booth. We’ve heard nothing but positive things about the booth design from HP folks, customer and partners. Thank you for all you did to enable us to have another successful NRF. Our booth looked fantastic. Many compliments from HP management on the look of the booth. One described as “best NRF in his time with HP”… the show was incredible!”

Mazda – Auto Show

“We have developed a partnership with kubik to produce a new Auto Show Exhibit for Mazda Canada in addition to managing our show services. This seamless process and attention to detail, produced an exceptional display that reflects our Brand beyond expectations.”.

Nissan – Auto Show

“It’s so clear to us that you and your team pour your heart & soul into your work. We know that there were some ‘challenges’ along the way but as usual, kubik rose to the occasion! We appreciate your ‘solution-focused’ mindset and action.

A quick note to say thank you for your hard work regarding the Toronto Auto Show press conference.

We had a lot of last-minute challenges that we were able to overcome as a team and I would like to thank you all for your support. Everything went well. The LEAF RC NISMO arrived on time and was able to make it to the media dinner (thanks Chris for helping us at the last minute!)

Greg, it was a pleasure working with your team onsite for both Infiniti and Nissan.

Mark, Brad, as always you’re the auto show kings!”

Philips – IFA

“You and the team did an amazing job. Well done and congratulations. Our data shows it is very successful”.

Volvo – Auto Show

“From start to finish kubik equipped us with a dedicated staff that seamlessly activated our requests in a premium and innovative fashion. They are a company we could trust to bring our creative vision to life, no matter what obstacles faced us throughout the process.”

Brunswick Corporation

“kubik was able to take our idea and create a design experience that has set a new bar not just for our company, but for the entire marine industry. They designed an experience that cut through the noise of CES and for a first time exhibitor. For a company that isn’t known as a technology company or a marine company, to have the amount of attention that we did was incredible.”


“Every detail, every logistic, every little thing was handled expertly and professionally – I think kubik took care of things before I could even have the opportunity to think about them. I can’t imagine doing another project like this without your team – their energy and passion is unmatched!”

Branded Environments

HP – Customer Welcome Center

“Dear kubik, We really appreciate all of your support in helping make SAM 2019 a success! From the graphics setup to the 3D demo spaces, the teamwork and level of detail you demonstrated was exceptional. Thank you for the hard work! We could not have done it without you!

Digital Services

Nissan Studio

“Team: Well done on the Nissan Studio. It really does look awesome. I know the physical visibility is much reduced with the lockdown, but that is out of our control.

Probably the best… set-up I have ever seen with the added benefits of the digital journey we are about to embark on.

Good luck as it kicks off tomorrow.”

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