Auto Show Expertise Front Page Feature of Drive in Canada’s Daily, The Globe and Mail

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Earlier this month, Globe and Mail’s Matt Bubbers toured kubik’s Toronto location where Elliot Kohn and Head of Creative Services and Strategy, Adriano Almeida walked him through the in’s and out’s of the autoshow exhibit business. Coinciding with the show opening, the Saturday “Drive” section features a front-page story about CIAS-Canada’s biggest auto show-and the changing nature of the industry from the perspective of the exhibit builders whos’ works dominate the space. Roughly 40 per cent of the square footage at the Toronto show is occupied by exhibits built by kubik, working with such brands as Volvo, Hyundai, Genesis, Jaguar Land Rover, Infiniti, Nissan and Mazda.

Kohn is quoted saying, “Shows have shifted dramatically, twenty-five years ago, the talent you were putting up on the turntable is what it came down to. … People would come to look at the models, male or female, and the cars” continuing, “People visiting the Toronto auto show are paying $25 for a ticket, $7 for a kid’s ticket, so now it’s more about the experience.

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