How kubik is Helping Brands Stay Connected Despite the Distance

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At the core of everything we do at kubik is our ability to come up with creative ways to stay connected, creating the environments and experiences that bring people together. With the current global challenges, our team of creatives, engineers, and fabricators are finding new ways to allow our clients to connect safely to their audience.

We begin with physical spaces by creating healthy work environments. With a focus on the health and safety of staff and customers, we are able to provide physical installations including service counter protection, workstation dividers, visual graphics including signs and distancing markers, and even the installation of more permanent curbside pickup solutions to ensure safer customer interaction.

When face-to-face interactions aren’t an option, kubik can help provide digital solutions including remote launches and virtual product demos with high detail 3D modeling enabling brands to engage with their audiences remotely.

While large scale gatherings may take some time to return, kubik is helping our clients set up small scale pop-up activations and plan small VIP invitation-only gatherings. To enhance audience reach, we are also able to digitize key areas of exhibit performing.

The current global challenges will fuel greater innovation by brands and kubik is taking the lead on reacting quickly to provide physical and digital solutions to our clients to encourage safe connection without compromising brand experience.

We’re working now, planning for tomorrow and preparing for the future, continuing to tell your stories with the experiences, events and technologies that will be part of our new world.

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