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We're Providing Health Care and Retail Temporary Environment Capabilities for At-Risk Communities

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We’ve responded to COVID crisis needs, converting our production facilities to assist retail and healthcare environments quickly respond to the changing protection requirements within local communities.

Already active in retail environments, we were able to immediately respond to our client’s needs for protective screening, kiosks, and informational and wayfinding graphics, to help provide protective measures to customers and front-line workers. Seeing the necessity for responsive solutions, we proactively added a flexible suite of services and environmental solutions to our portfolio for hospitals and the health care sector, shifting to protect patients and front-line workers from exposure to COVID-19. Complete and fully-functional temporary environments, screening centers, and mobile health care units have been developed to help communities with ready-made, customizable solutions that can be quickly mobilized.

Elliot Kohn, kubik COO, commented, “Our ability to offer complete end-to-end custom fabrication and logistics allows us to respond to the current needs in a way a traditional marketing agency couldn’t,” he continued “our vast experience in the fast-paced, high-pressure trade show sector, means we have a practiced methodology to produce custom temporary environments with project managers who understand how to pivot in a crisis and efficiently deliver on a solution. We’re ready to act across our organization to contribute to the life-saving efforts of our health care communities and are grateful we can provide to the safety of front-line workers as an essential service.”

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