kubik Doubles Down for Growth with Powerhouse Biz-Dev Duo!

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The experiential marketing landscape is set to witness a game-changing collaboration as two proven industry leaders join kubik to form an unparalleled business development alliance. With a shared passion for innovation and an unrelenting dedication to delivering exceptional client solutions, this partnership seeks to redefine the way brands engage with their audiences.

Leading the initial relationship is Leanne Burke, Senior Director of Business Development. Leanne is a seasoned expert recognized for her unparalleled ability to identify opportunities and forge valuable connections in the experiential marketing space. Armed with an innate instinct for recognizing untapped potential, Leanne brings a fresh perspective to the table, ensuring that no stone goes unturned in the pursuit of groundbreaking work.

The other half of this partnership is Katie Zanardi, Senior Vice President of Client Partnerships. Katie is a specialist in discerning clients’ requirements and pinpointing tailored solutions through collaboration and strategy. With a track record that speaks volumes about her exceptional ability to forge lasting relationships, Katie is a driving force focused on turning strategy into reality. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction will prove indispensable to kubik’s ongoing expansion plans. 

What sets this dynamic pair apart is not only their individual prowess, but also their shared desire for innovation and excellence across various experiential platforms. From orchestrating immersive event programs to crafting memorable brand activations or devising ingenious engagement strategies, Katie and Leanne’s capabilities are an excellent complement to what is already one of the world’s most diverse experiential agencies.

“In an ever-evolving market, it is essential to have a team that not only keeps up with trends but pioneers them. Katie and Leanne joining our team represents our commitment to continue delivering on that vision. Kubik clients will not only stay ahead but will set the pace for others to follow.” says Elliot Kohn, President. 

Human engagement is at the heart of every kubik project, and the synergy and teamwork between these two skilled individuals will only add to this ethos. Expanding the agency’s collective expertise and capacity, the arrival of two new senior team members will also enable further expansion into exciting new directions and emerging markets. Katie and Leanne’s focus extends beyond the conventional as they actively pursue new and uncharted opportunities.

With our combined vision to revolutionize experiential marketing, Katie and Leanne invite brand marketers to explore the diverse world of kubik and join them on an exciting journey where creativity knows no limits and success is the only destination.



About Katie Zanardi

Katie is a visionary expert in the experiential marketing arena, with over 17 years of experience and an unmatched ability to spot opportunities and foster connections that drive business growth. She takes a tactical approach to executing strategic plans and objectives and is highly adept at aligning internal customers’ needs and business partners with market opportunities and brand development.

Katie lives in Southern California and will operate out of kubik Las Vegas.


About Leanne Burke

Leanne Burke has a background in advertising and has spent the last 7 years as a business development leader in the events industry. She has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to foresee industry trends, track emerging markets and drive growth.

Leanne is based in Toronto and will work closely with kubik teams across its US, European and Canadian offices.


About kubik:
As one of the most diverse full-service experiential marketing firms in the world, kubik has been designing and building experiences for brands and cultural institutions for over 40 years. From experiential events and activations to corporate branded environments, retail solutions and interactive museums, kubik has a singular mission to foster positive human engagement across a variety of mediums. 

The exciting appointments of Katie Zanardi and Leanne Burke reflect our latest commitment to expanding this mission while also building the best possible experience for our clients and their audiences.

At kubik, we believe everyone has a great story, and our mission is to give them a place to tell it!

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