kubik Face-to-Face Marketing Expert Featured in DM Magazine: Reinventing Retail For Marketers

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kubik’s head of creative services and strategy, Adriano Almeida, proposes a new way of thinking about retail developments in a recent issue of DM Magazine. Rather than using retail space solely as a hippodrome meant for driving sales on-site, Almeida invites enterprising experiential marketers to consider the possibility of repositioning your retail space as a stage for trade show-like experiences. The latter are proven to generate positive brand experiences, open dialogues with new customers, and help facilitate future online purchases and interactions.

“We have seen a huge increase in the use of interactive and experiential activation at retail. Brands understand that great experiences lead to brand affinity, loyalty, and increased sales,” says Adriano.

Rethinking retail environments in this way provides new opportunities for brands that want to activate in less competitive environs while reaching audiences in new and creative ways.

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