kubik goes wild with Science North

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After six months of extensive renovations, the Science North Centre in Sudbury, Ontario reopened its doors to the public on March 5th, 2011. The centre is showcasing its much anticipated revamping of the third floor walk-through Northern Ecosystem exhibit and the new multimedia object theatre located on the fourth floor.

The expansion of the 6,500 sq. ft. third level included the partition of the ecosystem exhibit into three major areas: the forest, the wetlands, and lakes and rivers, all designed and built to resemble and bring to life the great Northern Ontario landscape. The new live animal habitats were carefully constructed to enhance the experience for the animals while captivating the visitors with life-like realism and creating a unique and educational experience through user interaction.

Awarded the contract in September 2010, kubik was tasked with the job of fabricating and installing highly interactive displays and detailed habitats to enhance the visual experience and immerse visitors in a vivid, one of a kind showcase of natural environments. The cutting-edge animal enclosures are fully equipped with functioning life support systems carefully integrated into realistic rockwork and vegetation unique to each habitat and to the needs of its occupant.

One of the many exciting exhibits is the newly developed nocturnal habitat that offers visitors the rare opportunity to discover the after dark world of the flying squirrel and bat. The remodeled beaver environment features a large glass-enclosed pond and beaver lodge for a close and personal encounter with the national icon who can be found leisurely swimming around to the delight of the younger guests.

Working closely with the scientists at Science North and P+C Communications from Montreal, kubik was also responsible for the development of fully interactive displays to engage and educate visitors. Intricate displays like the beehive were designed to captivate users by offering them an inside look at the incredibly delicate but seemingly chaotic life of bees and their role as pollinators.

kubik was able to deliver an array of true to life environments and displays to showcase the Northern Ecosystem in its greatness. The new exhibits and habitats have been received with great enthusiasm by both staff and visitors to the centre.

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