kubik receives first prize for trade show at EuBea 2015

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EuBea, the European Best Event Awards is an initiative that recognises and promotes excellence in events and live communication across Europe. Quality at EuBea means creativity, effectiveness, direction, technique, setting, location, press return and sustainability, which, along with all other “ingredients”, make an event a live communication tool and a rewarding experience for the audience. Large and small events have the same chances of winning the first prize,regardless of their budget: the most important criteria are the creativity and innovation of the event.

kubik designed a cost efficient new exhibition format for AutoRAI 2015 and delivered all exhibits of the 49 participating car brands on a turnkey base.

The focus was to provide a setting were consumers can see and experience all available car brands under one roof emphasizing the enjoyment of the automobile and based on an all-in exhibition concept to accommodate the wish of the Dutch car importers to present their models in a cost-efficient format.

The new design of the AutoRAI is based on a level playing field, were all car brands have the same facilities and branding possibilities for their presentations. To make the show floor layout attractive for the visitors, the traditional large back walls of the car exhibits are moved to the main aisles, to create a Gallery setting that functions as a red carpet route through the exhibition halls of the RAI. For every brand, kubik made a tailor-made design based on their identity. This guaranteed maximum exposure for the brands while at the same time a very cost-effective participation is realized. The concept follows the theme of the AutoRAI: Discover your drive. Visitors discover their favourite cars by meandering from booth to booth. Special events were created to underlines the shows position as biggest automotive event in The Netherlands. An exhibition hall is dedicated to iconic cars from 1900 – 1990. For the petrol heads, unique dream cars are on display in the Supercar Paddock.

The new format was well received by the car importers: more than 500 cars were on displays amongst with 90 show debuts. The AutoRAI 2015 was a huge success with 290.000 visitors, 8% more than the previous edition. Visitors rated the show with a 7.5 on a 10 point scale (average for consumer shows is lies around the 6.5). Car brands rated the show with an 8, previous show was 7.1. Post-show research indicated that 95% of the exhibitors achieved theirs goals.

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