kubik Storyteller Series: Ashley Rittermann

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We’re honoured to share our team’s stories with you through the kubik Storyteller Series! Join us as we sit down with the people who make experiences memorable, get to know them a little better, and hear their stories as they told them to us. Then, stay tuned for more employee spotlights on other members of our team! This week, we interviewed Ashley Rittermann. Keep reading to learn more about Ashley’s background and the important roles she plays here at kubik.

Storyteller Series

Ashley Rittermann | Account Director

Ashley has been a valuable member of the kubik team since she joined us in January of 2019, working in a hybrid setting with our office in Baltimore, Maryland. She is an account director working in the client services department and primarily works on our account for a medical device company. In her role, Ashley is responsible for executing the tier one trade show presence for the client including the building, installation, and maintenance of their trade show booths, as well as overseeing kubik account managers. Ashley is a superb account director and can always be relied upon to execute her work correctly, efficiently, on time, and within budget. Here’s what Ashley had to say about her experience prior to her role at kubik and how she has grown since joining the team.


What educational and professional experience did you have prior to joining kubik?

Ashley: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from San Diego State University. I’ve been working in the events industry since 2007, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with a small handful of companies where I planned special events, multi-day events, trade shows, and exhibits. Just prior to joining kubik I spent six years working with a special events company who catered to some high-profile events, which gave me the opportunity to work on some exciting projects like experiential events and large-scale galas.


How has your career grown since starting at kubik?

Ashley: I began working as an account manager on this medical device company’s account since they first became a client of ours, and I was then promoted to account director this past spring. I was able to see the account grow from where it began to where it is now and be a direct part of that growth, which has been incredible. As the kubik team helped grow and expand the account, I was eventually moved up to account director and a team was formed. It’s been a great experience being able to work closely with this particular client and see their progress as a result of our work, and I’m very happy to have been promoted to a higher role that gives me more responsibility and more resources to put towards our projects!


What is your favourite thing about working at kubik?

Ashley: My favourite part about working with kubik is how much support and flexibility I have in my role here. I love that I’m trusted to do my work well and that the whole team is there and ready to lend a hand if it’s needed. I kept hearing about how great the environment was at kubik and how they really valued work/life balance for their employees. As a mother of two small kids that’s something that’s very important to me, so it’s been wonderful having that support from my workplace to excel in both my professional and my personal life. Not to mention the owner of the company is fantastic to work for; he’s a very respectable and approachable boss, and he has built a very strong team here with shared values.


What does the kubik team do for fun as a workplace activity or event?

Ashley: I truly enjoy working with the kubik team. Most of the team working on the medical device company account is located at our Toronto office, though we always make a point to go out for dinner together when we’re in the same area. It’s a great chance for us to enjoy each other’s company and talk about our interests outside of work. We also routinely organize quarterly outings that allow us to try new things and have fun as a group! We recently went to see an Orioles baseball game, for example, and those sorts of events are always enjoyable for us and something to look forward to.

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