kubik Storyteller Series: Ernest Ampaabeng

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What’s your story? As experiential marketing specialists, this is a common question we ask clients because we know the marketing power of a good story. So, let us share ours! With kubik’s Storyteller Series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to get to know our team and their stories. Join us as we sit down with our team members to get to know them a little better and give them a chance to tell their own stories (and stay tuned for more employee spotlights on other members of our team in future posts). This week, we interviewed Ernest Ampaabeng for the first chapter in our Storyteller Series. Keep reading to learn more about them and their roles at kubik.


Ernest Ampaabeng | Project Manager

Ernest has been essential to the Samsung team’s mobile division here at kubik for the past five years. As Project Manager, he works on the retail side of project launches, managing all types of display builds and fixtures for new mobile product rollouts. Appropriately, he’s very knowledgeable about all sorts of devices and their specific security solutions, ensuring that phones, smartwatches, and accessories are optimally presented and secured.


What educational and professional experience did you have prior to kubik?

Ernest: I earned my Bachelor’s in Economics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana and then worked for various companies in logistics. After moving to Canada 11 years ago, I attended Humber College and received a post-graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management. I have worked in tradeshows deploying software, completing surveys for clients, and working in data interception across Canada and the United States. I bring my extensive experience in various logistical professions to the Samsung team.


How has your career grown since starting at kubik?

Ernest: I was originally hired as a Logistics Coordinator where I managed product launches for Samsung on the warehouse side of things. The great thing about kubik is that there’s room for growth, which I experienced myself when I was promoted to Project Manager. Working as a Project Manager, I’ve relied on the knowledge and experience I developed while working as a logistics coordinator to give myself and my team more insight into Samsung’s product launches.


What has been your favourite project to work on while at kubik?

Ernest: Probably taking part in the mobile launches. During the first product rollout I oversaw as Project Manager, Samsung was launching the 2nd generation flip and fold devices, so it was helpful to be able to see the end-to-end process of launching these products. Working in the warehouse section as Logistics Coordinator had already made me familiar with all of Samsung’s various phones and displays but seeing the entire process was a rewarding experience.


What has been your favourite thing about working at kubik?

Ernest: My favourite thing about kubik is the people and the support network that they provide. It’s a collaborative environment and our teams always offer processes that make work better, so whenever you need help there are people you can go to for support. These processes help to increase proficiency and kubik is always striving to make things better. It’s rewarding to be working with a team that can streamline processes to make the work more efficient.


What inspires you throughout your workflow at kubik?

Ernest: I am always focused on doing my best and so that’s what I’m always trying to tap into. No matter what I do, I put in all the effort that need-be—it doesn’t matter how large or small the project is—I always give my best.

Thanks to Ernest for taking the time to share their story! We appreciate everything they bring to the kubik team, and we can’t wait to see what they will do next. If you’re looking to join the kubik team, visit our Careers page for opportunities or visit our website to see some of the amazing stories our team has helped bring to life.

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