kubik transforms the Grey Cup 100 Tour Train

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The Grey Cup, which has inspired so many pilgrimages throughout its 100 year history, is embarking on its own this Fall.

GMR Marketing and kubik have teamed up with the CFL for the transformation of the Grey Cup train traveling across Canada to celebrate the CFL’s Grey Cup 100 Anniversary season. Wrapped up in CFL insignia, the specially outfitted train includes museum cars, displays of team-specific artifacts and a special car for the Grey Cup itself. kubik‘s work includes graphic production, installation, artifact handling and mounting, showcases and interactive displays for the four train cars touring across Canada. The transformation took three weeks to convert the train car’s existing conditions into a memorable and historic experience ready to endure a cross Canada tour.

Car One features an immersive locker room experience decked out like the inside of a team dressing room with stalls belonging to three players from each of the eight CFL teams. The car also features actual audio dialog from past coaches and sport commentators during the Grey Cup games and video highlight reels.

In the Memorabilia Car (Car two), fans can have their photo taken with the actual Grey Cup and can immediately share their moment via social media with family, friends and fellow fans. Along with the actual Grey Cup resides interactive touch screens featuring the past names on the century old trophy and display showcasing the 18 Grey Cup rings from the past 25 years.

The Museum Car (Car Three) tells the story of the Grey Cup with a graphic timeline highlighting significant historic moments from the first Grey Cup to 2011. Amongst the timeline are showcased Play trophies and artifacts featuring the Evolution of the Gear, all supplied by the Canadian football Hall of Fame.

Finally in the Hospitality Car, fans can meet and converse with Mark Cohen and current and past players from the CFL.


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