New exhibit for TEVA Europe

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When TEVA Europe challenged us to revitalize their existing stand for the EAHP show in Maastricht in February, 2008, kubik was able to draw on more than 10 years of experience with this client to design a subtle environment expressing TEVA’s Corporate Brand Guidelines.

TEVA requested the re-use of some exhibit elements from the previous booth but also asked us to create a new meeting area and new signage. Our response was to create a new high “totem” and a completely new enclosed bar area using modern materials and special green light effects to showcase TEVA’s “green” corporate colour.

One of the challenges on this project was the short install time at the show venue. Careful preparations and an experienced, hard-working team ensured that the exhibit was complete well within the day-and-a-half timeframe.

The new exhibit was installed at the last EAHP Show in Maastricht in February, 2008.

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