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A message from our COO in this challenging time,

As a result of COVID-19 kubik has taken measures that we believe are necessary in order to ensure the Health and Safety of our staff and to assist local governments in controlling this pandemic while still maintaining a level of service for you our clients. Our actions align with regional government directives that will ensure the safety of our communities and that will help with a quick resolution to the current conditions and their impacts. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to update our actions until our clients and partners are back to business-as-usual.

Except for the manufacturing areas of our business that have been deemed to be essential to the COVID-19 initiatives, our staff are currently working from home and following their local health and safety guidelines. All staff have full access to email, mobile telephones, our cloud-based project management systems and are available to continue to assist you in any of your endeavors. They are prepared and ready to pivot to help you get through the coming days with whatever you need. We also continue to be able to adapt to any manufacturing requirements as we go forward without any disruptions to your requirements.

This is a very unique time around the globe. As we maneuver through the daily changes, we continuously have our commitments to you our clients and the health and safety of our staff as the prime motivator in our decision-making process. We will continue to monitor and adjust on a daily basis the steps that we need to take based on the information available to us.

Thank you and stay healthy
Elliot Kohn, Principal and COO

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