experience solutions

project consultancy
that delivers value

experience collaboration

team expertise
that perfects any project

experience results

branded environments
that engage & inform

kubik preserves the integrity of design, working to enhance projects throughout the production journey

  • Proficiency in multi-stakeholder consultancy
  • Adherence to stringent standards and diverse objectives
  • Excelling at complex multi-faceted projects
  • Providing end-to-end solutions

We offer design-build project consultancy to produce permanent environments that engage, inform and deliver value. We work to enhance corporate visitor centers, executive briefing centers & specialty interior projects throughout the production journey, with creative solutions and a practiced approach. Clients, designers and architects consider us a valuable consultant and voice of experience to execute and bring the vision for their environments to three-dimensional reality without compromise.

Between kubik and kubik maltbie — our museum and institutional production division — we hold 55 years of combined permanent installation expertise specializing in projects that require custom solutions. We and are adept at working in multi-stakeholder environments and integrating collaborative team structures. We take pride in our adherence to stringent standards and excellence at navigating complex multi-faceted projects with diverse objectives. kubik can provide end-to-end solutions for any project regardless of location with a complex network of partners around the globe.

Design Development

Project planning that ensures intended outcomes and best value

Graphic Design & Production

Graphic gurus that do it all
— with an agency, or all from scratch

Project Management

End-to-end timely and effective communications

Masterful Building

Concept to 3D reality, with attention to detail and creative excellence


Detailed attention maintains integrity of design

Installation Services

Experts leads resourced for world-wide logistics

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