Honda’s The Intersection is Unlike Any Other Auto Show Exhibit

January 22, 2020

AS FEATURED IN DRIVING: Honda abandoned the conventional show display at the 2020 Montreal International Auto Show and debuted this interactive new feature. Click for the full story   Honda abandons the car maker standard of showcasing their latest and greatest vehicles. Instead of showing up and doing the same old thing by setting up […]

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Esports takeaway CES2020 – Trend Insights From kubik Head of Creative and Strategy

January 13, 2020

“This is no longer a ‘wait and see’ scenario. Esports is here and will only continue to grow. This is not ‘fringe’ culture… it’s mainstream media” As a long-time gamer, arcade fanatic and father of twins who own more devices than sporting goods, I’ve had more than a glancing interest in the growing world of […]

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A Holiday Message

December 16, 2019

Heading into the holiday season, we are grateful for every unique project we get to be a part of. We wish all of our clients, friends, colleagues, and collaborators a very happy holiday and the best for the New Year. kubik maintains staff on-call throughout the holiday season to serve our client’s needs. Our US and Canada offices […]

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kubik Announces a US Headquarter Relocation

September 03, 2019

kubik is thrilled to announce an expansion of capabilities and services with a facility relocation. Scheduled to open fall of 2019, the move reinforces our position in the market, reflects our commitment to future growth with clients, and supports our business goals across international markets. COO Elliot Kohn commented, “With 65% of our global clientele […]

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Empire State Observatory: Phase 2 Complete

August 13, 2019

kubik maltbie completed The Empire State Building (ESB) top-to-bottom reimagined Observatory Experience project in time for the summer tourist season. Doors opened to the public July 29. Located on the second floor of the international icon, the 10,000 sq. ft galleries invite guests on a journey from the building’s construction to its current place in […]

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kubik Face-to-Face Marketing Expert Featured in DM Magazine: Reinventing Retail For Marketers

June 14, 2019

kubik’s head of creative services and strategy, Adriano Almeida, proposes a new way of thinking about retail developments in a recent issue of DM Magazine. Rather than using retail space solely as a hippodrome meant for driving sales on-site, Almeida invites enterprising experiential marketers to consider the possibility of repositioning your retail space as a […]

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Focus on the Gallery: Manitou Asinîy, Royal Alberta Museum

March 25, 2019

The 320 pound rock, Manitou Asinîy is of great spiritual significance to Indigenous peoples in Alberta and Saskatchewan. It is located in a stand-alone space on the second floor of the museum and is designed to encourage reflection and quiet discussion. The Iron Creek meteorite, a round pitted stone made from the purest iron, is […]

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This is Not a Drill: Exhibitor Magazine Features a Harrowing Trade-Show Tale

March 15, 2019

An electrical short 48hours before show opening requires quick thinking, reliable network of contacts, seamless execution and incredible teamwork. Elliot Kohn recounts how kubik saved-the-client’s day after a trade show catastrophe.

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Focus on the Gallery: Natural History Hall, Royal Alberta Museum

March 12, 2019

Take a journey back in time to the Ice Age, discovering animals and plants that lived in Alberta thousands of years ago, the second floor of the museum is home to the Natural History Hall, a 30,000-square-foot space that houses four galleries: Ice Age Alberta, presents a journey back in time to discover plants and […]

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